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In our winter Newsletter, we reminded everyone that memberships in the Rodeo Association were due. If you do not yet have your 2024 membership, we hope you have just procrastinated and that you will renew, or perhaps join us as a member for the first time.

Simply put, we need you. And it’s not just the $10.00 membership fee. You are all likely aware that 3 years ago we embarked on an ambitious program of upgrades and improvements to the rodeo grounds. That program was part of a long-term plan aimed at expanding the use of the facility and renewing community involvement with better, bigger and more events. The changes and improvements we have introduced to our own Pro Rodeo are a good example of what we hope to do.

Capital improvements take a lot of, well, capital and we depend heavily on grants. Often, the size of membership of the organization is a factor in applying for the grant. We believe that our Association has widespread community support. We see that in our sponsorships, in our volunteers, and in our increasing attendance figures, but we need to also be able to show it in our membership figures.

Please take a minute to get a membership now, if you have not already done so, while you are reading this. Our goal this year is at least 100 members. And here’s a bonus - if you are asking what you get for that membership, we are this year giving you a 1-day pass to the Pro Rodeo, worth $25.00! To claim it, you will simply have to give your name at the admission gate. That’s not a bad return on a $10 investment!

Please note as well that, if you are a renewing member and your contact information, including address, has not changed from last year, you do not need to complete the online form. Instead, simply send an etransfer for $10.00 to nicolavalleyrodeoassociation@gmail.com, clearly indicating your name and purpose of the transfer (“John Doe, 2024 membership”)in the comment section. Or mail a cheque to NVRA, 499 Lindley Creek Rd., Merritt, V1K 1L4

Please show us your support and overwhelm us with your response!

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